I am NOT In a Relationship

I am, however, stranded in Makati, typing at a coffee shop, drying the clothes off my back, and hoping I have enough vitamin C in me to ward off a fever or, God forbid, a flu.

I also spent the last few minutes wondering about a lot of things… I’m too lazy to prose, and my laptop is running on 54 mins. worth of battery, so here are my thoughts in bullets:

  • I don’t think my laptop has enough juice to watch the Fantastic Beast trailer so I’ll probably do that in the morning.
  • I need to get back on social media. Maybe try it for a month. See what happens, see if people could stomach my thoughts.
  • Maybe I need to make this blog official, maybe I could make a living out of it. Maybe not. Maybe my thoughts are too depressing. Wait, that’s not a maybe.
  • Wow, this feels so Carrie Bradshaw ha. Now, I’m typing with a voiceover in my head.  My voiceover sounds so arte.
  • This year is a lot like last year in terms of pining for a dude, but I know better now so who knows what could happen. Should I elaborate? No, I shouldn’t.
  • This sucks as a year-end post. I’ll make a better one over the break.
  • I really want to go home.
  • The status is a prank okay, I’m not really in a relationship.
  • And I don’t think I want to be in one at the moment.
  • They’re closing the lights off and it’s 2 AM so I think I gotta try getting home na. But before I go, here’s an advice I told a friend a while ago. You might find it useful, you might not. In any case, here it is:

Do not do anything drastic, okay? (Not when you’re too emotional) Work lang yan. (It’s just work) Nagrereset ang mga bagay-bagay after a while. Just bec naiipit ka doesn’t mean you have to question what you’re capable of. Give yourself some credit and have faith in what you can do.

  • I gotta split. I’m too tamad to translate so take it as it is and you probs get my drift anyway. Shit, I’m the only guy here na lang pala haha – last thought: I’m thinking maybe I’m the one who needs to take that advice to heart. Anyway, I gotta go…


Still not in a relationship,


One Comment Add yours

  1. redthemod says:

    NOT being in a relationship is the social equivalent of being a pariah during the holidays. You can be existential/ empirical – saying all human interactions are, in some form, a relationship. But we know that’s bull; which I find hilarious.

    I won’t give advice. That’s unnecessary. and it’s not the point. The irony is realizing most of the advice we give our peers are the sort that we should be heeding. But won’t life be a drab without some irony? It is, after all, the absinthe of the critical mind.

    Think of it as a purging. The clank and chaff of unburdening a year’s worth of anxiety. That way, this post is as good as any year-ender should be.

    See you soon.


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