Hey, lover, what’s killing you today?

Remember when you came to me as winged predictions, a card on a spread, sweet hope and dread? I do. When the fire goes out of your lungs, is it still me they water your lips with?

Hey, lover, the sky is bathing. The light pulses through clouds and it’s you I’m left fearing, you I’m still hoping, when we’re stuck mourning on tomorrows, drowning, waiting, for when grief is ripe for the taking.

In my soul are acres of longing, scenes of us rushing, reaching, worse for wear, tattered, disheveled beyond compare. I love you, lover, dream on, vocal fry and lust, recovery and disgust. I love you, lover, destroy – head, heart and hope, blood, fist and rope – northbound grazing, shoreline escaping, footprints crusading.

Hey, lover, don’t weep. For I am in the winds, in the dust, the city specks of gust. I am in these lines, these textual revelations, wedged in the trappings, fate and flirtations. I breathe as one with the rest of the world, and its final intentions.

And though you learn how to properly bleed, there is still no rewind, but much to uncover, oh there is much to uncover, to watch, and to shiver. As time I have given, time you will cherish, here.

So keep resting, let your head lie on this cut-scene – white curtains billowing through the morn, sunlight blinds you uncertain and I am there dreaming, at ease with the bed we shared, the life we dared, the skin I bared.

Paradise hides in the corners of a smile that’s too good to be true.
I’ve never felt as safe as then, and so did you.


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