Permutations: Sleet

Press play before reading. Sleet Seduction Sundown, another letdown, a dreamstate downpour starts. The sensual mists of longing breathes into the room a kind of heavy, clouded incense, cradling you into aimless drifting. The cold seeps through the crevices, the walls start to give in. You lay there submerged in the icy waters of uncertainty's [...]


Maybe we sleep

Maybe fulfillment, however fleeting, trumps the state of brooding & hollow I've come to call home. Maybe it pays to dream. Maybe slingshots, maybe gunfire, finality, and breakage discredits our faith. Maybe picketfence embraces and worrying about someone won't hurt as much in the long run. Maybe fear is fear and is poisonous when left unchecked. Maybe [...]

The BaaHowlBaa Manifesto

Let lies not lead you astray. Adversity is the other half of peace and these two shall always be present whichever way fate steers you. There is no need for a sheep to wear a wolf's clothing and vice versa. Inside of a person are two halves: one fanged, the other meek. Revere but never stray in [...]