Hey, lover, what's killing you today? Remember when you came to me as winged predictions, a card on a spread, sweet hope and dread? I do. When the fire goes out of your lungs, is it still me they water your lips with? Hey, lover, the sky is bathing. The light pulses through clouds and [...]


Permutations: Rainfall

Press play before reading. Rainfall's Rage I live in a world that stops when the waters pour. This is no revelation. Just an inconvenient truth. Half my life’s made up of late nights spent in stranded solitude, with blaring red lights desperately trying to snake through bottlenecks of wet asphalt. The fluidity of words is [...]

Maybe we sleep

Maybe fulfillment, however fleeting, trumps the state of brooding & hollow I've come to call home. Maybe it pays to dream. Maybe slingshots, maybe gunfire, finality, and breakage discredits our faith. Maybe picketfence embraces and worrying about someone won't hurt as much in the long run. Maybe fear is fear and is poisonous when left unchecked. Maybe [...]