Bombay Sapphire

In the pantheon of drunkards, the lewd and derogatory reign supreme. The cadence of inhibitions shed and how it betrays the guise of rationality is a curious sight to behold. Tonight, Valhalla is punctuated by the loudest of bellows, guffaws, shouts exclaimed like bloodlust rearing venom on virgin nerves. In the cusp of a new [...]


Permutations: Sleet

Press play before reading. Sleet Seduction Sundown, another letdown, a dreamstate downpour starts. The sensual mists of longing breathes into the room a kind of heavy, clouded incense, cradling you into aimless drifting. The cold seeps through the crevices, the walls start to give in. You lay there submerged in the icy waters of uncertainty's [...]


Page 1. Vanity. "How does it feel, being young?" Smoking menthols beside a column outside work, I glanced at my reflection on a tinted establishment and wondered if I did the black knitted zip-up draped haphazardly around my shoulders justice. It's 2013 and the rain just started pouring. If anything, the aviators I wore made [...]

Helter Skelter

I clicked on the write button without any formal thought WHATSOEVER so bear with all the scatteredness and shit. You'd think I'd have probably gotten something by now -- but no, all I have are plans and not much inspiration to take into writing. I guess another playlist will do, for now. Hey maybe I could [...]


Dear Big Mouth Blog, I apologize for prioritizing life over you. A long time ago I made a commitment to the artistry and I seem to have been pouring all my creativity to my profession that I neglect coloring you with it. All it takes to get me in retrospect and take my thoughts to writing [...]

Permutations: Rainfall

Press play before reading. Rainfall's Rage I live in a world that stops when the waters pour. This is no revelation. Just an inconvenient truth. Half my life’s made up of late nights spent in stranded solitude, with blaring red lights desperately trying to snake through bottlenecks of wet asphalt. The fluidity of words is [...]

Maybe we sleep

Maybe fulfillment, however fleeting, trumps the state of brooding & hollow I've come to call home. Maybe it pays to dream. Maybe slingshots, maybe gunfire, finality, and breakage discredits our faith. Maybe picketfence embraces and worrying about someone won't hurt as much in the long run. Maybe fear is fear and is poisonous when left unchecked. Maybe [...]

What are we to the gallows?

“We all need to look into the dark side of our nature – that’s where the energy is, the passion. People are afraid of that because it holds pieces of us we’re busy denying.” – Sue Grafton I. In a parallel world, the sun humanbathes. I walk the streets of Ayala at night and see festive [...]